S1mple Receives PGL Stockholm Major MVP Award from HLTV

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is among one of the best CS: GO players of all time and has been at the top of the CS: GO leaderboards for years, recently he was awarded the MVP of the CS: GO PGL Stockholm Major by HLTV, after NA’VI’s flawless performance in the tournament with S1mple leading his team with 1.47 rating across 10 maps played throughout the event. He was also the best player of the grand finals with a 1.51 rating and 72-41 K/D.

He was not named the MVP of the tournament because of only rating, but according to HLTV he also topped other charts like K/D Difference, damage difference per round, kill per round, and rounds with more than one kill.

There is no doubt why he was named MVP of the tournament he has been performing well for NA’VI for years and despite them not winning any major before S1mple was always the standout performance just like PGL Stockholm Major.

In PGL Stockholm Major NA’Vi was playing against G2 Esports of Nikola “NiKo” Kovač in the final, who was also the contender for the MVP of the tournament against S1mple, but it was as clear as day why S1mple won the MVP award after NA’VI defeated G2 Esports in the grand finals 2-0, making comeback in the second map from 10-15 score to winning it in the double overtime.

S1mple has been part of NA’VI’s CS: GO squad since 2016, and after years of grinding he was finally able to win major for his team. In an interview with Best PvPers S1mple said, he was offered to leave NA’VI many times, but he wanted to stay and win them the major CS: GO trophy, which they finally did in PGL Stockholm Major.